Fuse frozen co

Frozen dessert shops that specialize in premium frozen custard, yogurt, gelato, sorbet, and smiles.

Mango Tango
Mucho Chocolato
Cake Batter
Mixed Berry
Butter Pecan
Lite Raspberry
Toasted Coconut
Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher
Banana Flambe
Irish Mint
Caramel Sea Salt
NY Cheesecake
Va Va Vanilla
Pink Cotton Candy
fuse (v.)

To join or blend to form a single entity

Our Flavors

Freshly blended unique flavors + toppings

Fuse offers a wide variety of unique frozen treats for all different needs including Sorbets for all of our dairy-free friends and even gluten free options.

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Outstanding selection, spotless interior, friendly and knowledgeable staff, fantastic flavors, and free video game for the kids.

Wonderful place to go for a healthy or a decadent dessert!

Preston F.


When I was visiting the island, I stopped by here on the first day just humoring a friend.

At the end of my 5 day stay, I had been there 7 times. My favorite ended up being the half of the Mango flavor, and the other half the Caramel Sea Salt. (Excuse my spelling). Odd combination, but everyone I let try it, ended up getting it for themselves. Cannot suggest this place hard enough.

Matthew C.


Easily the cleanest self service frozen yogurt location I have ever visited.

Lots of options and friendly staff too.

Bill S.


LOVE fuse!! Everyone is so helpful and friendly.

The staff is positive everytime we are there. We love the treats and can't stay away!

Bonnie H.


This is such an amazing place to visit while on vacation or even on a normal day.

The employees are absolutely amazing!! Always so sweet and kind!! I have never had an issue!! They are always willing to go above and beyond their duties to help you!! I 100% recommend this store!!


illustration of a Fuse Frozen Yogurt shop

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Choose from a variety of frozen treats and packages for your guests to enjoy! Whether it’s at your on-site event or at a Fuse Froyo shop, we’ll help you celebrate your special day.

About fuse

Our Story

Fuse Frozen Co is locally owned and operated. Fuse Frozen Co. is dedicated to providing new and exciting frozen dessert options with fresh, unique flavors and ingredients. Our concept and fun atmosphere is unlike any other experience.Offering fresh frozen custard, yogurt, gelato, and sorbet.

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